Looking for a place to call home? Check out the different real estate types for sale in South Carolina! From charming historic homes to sprawling estates, this beautiful state has something for all. If you’re unsure where to start your search, our team at Briganti Properties can help. We know all the best neighborhoods and can find the perfect property for your needs and budget. We will look closely at some of the most popular real estate types for sale in Greenville, South Carolina. So read on and start dreaming about your perfect home!

1) Commercial/ Industrial

Commercial and industrial real estate in Greenville SC, includes office buildings, warehouses, and factories. These properties can be used for manufacturing, retail, services, or storage.

Investors also often purchase this type of property as a long-term investment.

An expert real estate service will help you find commercial and industrial properties that fit your needs.

2) Multi-Family Properties

Multi-family properties are houses or apartment buildings with several units. These rental investments can be a great way to generate income while also being able to control the property yourself. You will need to consider regulations, tax implications, and local laws when investing in multi-family properties in South Carolina.

For example, local laws and regulations will include permissible occupancy, rent control laws, and tenant rights. You’ll need to consider the cost of renovations, taxes, and insurance when investing in multi-family properties.

3) Lots/Land

Real estate investments in South Carolina can be unrestricted to buildings. You can purchase land in Upstate South Carolina, ranging from a few to hundreds of acres. Many lots offer sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and are perfect for building your dream home or selling off pieces as investments. There are also waterfront properties available where you can build a vacation home, access a private lake or beach, and enjoy the beautiful South Carolina sunsets.

4) Rental Properties

When looking for a real estate investment, consider renting out property in South Carolina. Whether you’re interested in residential or commercial rentals, there are many opportunities to make money off of rental income. Residential rentals may include single-family homes and apartment buildings, while commercial properties can range from office space to retail stores. With the correct rental rates and properly managed properties, rental income can be a great idea to make money in South Carolina.

Some benefits of investing in rental properties include tax deductions, earning passive income, and the potential to appreciate your assets. If you’re looking to invest in rental properties in South Carolina, research available locations and consider what type of renters you want to attract.

5) Non-MLS Sold

MLS is the primary source of real estate purchases in South Carolina, but non-MLS-sold properties can also be found. These property sales are typically done through private off-market transactions and are often sold for lower prices than similar properties listed on the MLS. Non-MLS-sold properties may offer buyers an opportunity to purchase a property at a below-market price and avoid the process of competing bids. Buyers should use caution when considering these types of transactions, as they are not always as secure or transparent as MLS listings.

Some things to check for include the following:

  1. a) The property’s condition and any repairs that may need to be done before you can move in.
  2. b) The history of ownership, as non-MLS sold properties may have recently gone through a foreclosure or short sale.
  3. c) Whether the seller has disclosed all necessary information about the property, such as zoning regulations, deed restrictions, and  HOA fees.
  4. d) The terms of the sale, such as whether you will be responsible for closing costs or if there is a financing option available.


Contact Briganti Properties for the best in real estate in upstate South Carolina. We have many experiences and will work hard to find you the perfect home, investment property, or vacation spot that meets all your needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly real estate agents can help you look at different types of properties, from traditional single-family homes to lakefront condos, to commercial buildings.

About Lisa Briganti

Lisa lives in Greenville SC and also owns a lake property in the Golden Corner of South Carolina. She has worked in various aspects of real estate, including sixteen years as a real estate paralegal, eight years in real estate title insurance, and most recently, 8 years in real estate sales, Her clients benefit from her deep understanding of the entire real estate transaction process, and the experiences that score many transactions.