Conveniently located close to Downtown Greenville, this former industrial town features a mix of older homes and newer neighborhoods. With plenty of room to spread out among the rolling hills, Taylors offers real bang for your buck.


Taylors Mill:

Once the heart of the town’s industrial economy, Taylors Mill has been transformed into an incredible, eclectic mixed use space. From fresh coffee to local beer, the 1920s fabric mill now attracts fans of good food, artisan crafts, and community fellowship.

Bang for Your Buck:

From mid century ranch homes to newer estates, Taylors offers plenty of housing options. Whether you’re looking for a close knit neighborhood lifestyle or a little more elbow room, lower prices here can help your dollar stretch even further.

Briganti Properties Picks

13 Stripes Brewery

Named for the stripes of Old Glory, 13 Stripes Brewery embraces the founding spirit of the Revolution with a bold approach to craft beer. Grab a pint and celebrate your freedom to imbibe. The Machias Liberty stout is a Nest favorite!

The Farehouse

Right next to 13 Stripes within Taylors Mill, The Farehouse, which calls itself a “community kitchen,” serves up delicious bites six days a week. With an extensive menu focused on New York style pizza, pasta, and regional specialities, Farehouse offers the perfect blend of comfort food and new flavors.

Appalachian Spirit Instruments

Appalachian Spirit Instruments seeks to capture the intangible spirit of the mountains and share it with the world through the creation of zithers. Lovingly crafted by hand, these hauntingly beautiful stringed instruments harken back to the earliest days of European settlement in the Upcountry.

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