Do you have an old home you’re trying to fix and put on the market? Are you having difficulty navigating the real estate process alone? Look no further – a real estate agent can help make this process much easier! A professional lake keowee sc real estate agent has the knowledge and resources to help you through selling your home. Here are six things a real estate agent can do to help you fix and sell your home:

  1. Assist in Getting the Home Ready for Sale

A realtor will help you identify any repairs or renovations needed to get your home ready for sale. They will also help you find reliable contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other professionals who can assist in getting the work done quickly and efficiently.

  1. Help With Staging the Home

Home staging is the process of preparing the home to be placed on the market for sale. It involves highlighting the property’s best features and updating it according to modern trends. A real estate agent can help you stage your home effectively by advising you on furniture placement, color selections, de-cluttering, and more.

Some benefits of home staging include making the home look more appealing to potential buyers and helping them visualize how they could use the space.

  1. Provide Information on General Housing Market and Pricing

The real estate market prices fluctuate based on various factors like:

  1. a) The national economy – In a strong economy, people have more buying power and can afford to pay higher home prices.
  2. b) Supply and demand- Home values tend to increase when demand increases, but the supply is limited. Conversely, if homes are abundant on the market with fewer buyers, then home prices may decrease.
  3. c) Interest rates- Low-interest rates make it more affordable for buyers to get a loan, so they are more likely to buy.
  4. d) Location- Homes in desirable areas tend to have higher values than homes in less desirable locations.

A real estate agent will have the right knowledge about these fluctuating prices.

  1. Negotiate on Behalf of the Seller

Negotiation is crucial when selling a home, and a real estate agent can be invaluable. A good agent will have the expertise to get the best possible deal for both parties involved, ensuring everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

  1. Oversee Inspections and Appraisals

Inspections for selling a home include pest, radon, and other chemical inspections; home energy audits; HVAC systems inspections; and structural integrity or foundation inspections. As the seller, you need to know the results of these tests so that necessary repairs can be made before putting your house on the market. Your real estate agent can help coordinate these inspections and will provide advice about necessary repairs and needed improvements to attract buyers. Additionally, they can help coordinate an appraisal with a licensed appraiser who will determine the fair market value of your home.

  1. Take Care of Any After-Sale Needs

The final stage of selling a home is closing the sale and ensuring that all post-closing responsibilities have been taken care of. This can include transferring utility services, collecting payment from buyers, paying vendors or contractors for repairs to the property before closing, and more. A real estate agent will ensure that all of these tasks are completed properly so the sale can be closed without any issues.


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About Lisa Briganti

Lisa lives in Greenville SC and also owns a lake property in the Golden Corner of South Carolina. She has worked in various aspects of real estate, including sixteen years as a real estate paralegal, eight years in real estate title insurance, and most recently, 8 years in real estate sales, Her clients benefit from her deep understanding of the entire real estate transaction process, and the experiences that score many transactions.